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News Release

2015.02.10 New Products New Company’s Name and President Tentatively Decided
2015.01.20 New Products Super Radius Mill Four Corners ASRF mini
The economical four corner inserts. Three kinds of breaker can be selected according to applications.
2015.12.22 New Products Easy Cut 4 Corners Shoulder Mill SS4P
Shoulder mill with economical 4 cutting edge inserts.
2014.12.22 New Products High Feed Ultra End Mill AHU
Insert join the ranks of tools for difficult-to-cut materials. Newly appear two kind of breakers.
2014.12.22 New Products Epoch Mega Feed Ball Evolution
Employs a strongly helical ball edge geometry to achieve reduced cutting force and improved chip removal!
2014.12.22 New Products AJ Coating series
New variations of coating, introducing AJ coating series.
2014.10.20 New Products Epoch SUS series
Expanded items!! Medium and long shank type are added.
2014.10.20 New Products Ball Precision F ABPF
New variations for high precision processing, three types have been added.
2014.10.20 New Products Epoch CFRP series
Adopt special flute shape reduces cutting force.
2014.10.20 New Products Epoch Shining Square
Poly Crystalline Diamond and a flute shape that increases flute rigidity enables a shiny machined surface and the maintenance of machining accuracy.
2014.10.20 New Products Drills for high-hardened steels
Products are added! EMSBH-ATH 111items, NSBH-ATH 584 items.
2014.06.20 New Products Red Screw Arbor
Displaying the highest cutting performance of any Modular Mill!
2014.05.20 New Products Milling inserts for steel JS4045
Combination of high-heat resistance carbide substrate and
new PVD coating provides wear resistance and long tool life.
2013.12.20 New Products Ball Precison ABPF Type High helix edge shape inserts
New variations for high precision processing, three types have been added.
2013.06.20 New Products Ball Precision Multi Flutes :ABP4F type
We devised an original insert mounting method to achieve a four-insert indexable ball end mill with finishing insert tips.
2013.06.20 New Products JP4020
Insert for milling of pre-hardened steels or hardened steels.
2013.04.08 New Products High Hard Radius Mill RH2P type
For high-performance direct cutting and roughing of high-hardness steels.
A new frontier for indexable tools.
2013.04.08 New Products Drills for High-hardness Steels
Carbide Oil Hole Non Step Borer H (φ2.0~φ12.0)
Epoch Micro Step Borer H (φ0.1~φ2.0)
2013.03.12 New Products JM4060
Insert for general milling processing of steel!
2013.02.20 New Products Ball Precison ABPF Type SF Type Insert
High helix S-shape flute provides a beautiful cutting surface!
2012.12.06 New Products Epoch High Hard Ball
Achieves high-efficiency direct cutting of hardened steels!
2012.11.20 New Products Epoch Deep Ball Evolution Hard
Evolution Hard for cuttiing hardened steel!
2012.11.01 New Products Uploaded Products Catalogue 2013~2014
2010.10.31 New Products Received Machinery Component Award of the “‘CHO’ MONODZUKURI Innovative Parts and Components Award 2012”
New End Mill series for Stainless steels - Epoch SUS series -
2010.10.31 New Products Received Technical Achievement Prize From Japan Cemented Carbide Tool Manufacturers' Association.
- Epoch SUS series - & - Insert for general milling processing of steel "GX2140" -
2012.10.05 New Products Carbide Step Borer
Employs the groove shape of carbide Non-Stepping (pecking) Borers!
2012.09.27 New Products Dual-face Mill ASDF / ASDH type
High-feed-rate type and high-cutting-depth type. Inserts for two types of bodies.!
2012.08.27 New Products Epoch Panacea series
Expanded lineup! Long-shank products added!
2012.08.27 New Products GX2140
EInsert for general milling processing of steel
2012.07.27 New Products Hitachi Metals, Ltd. to Make Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd.
a Wholly Owned Subsidiary through a Share Exchange
2012.05.28 New Products Epoch Pencil Deep Ball Evolution
 Evolution version of Pencil Deep Ball series!
2012.04.13 New Products Epoch Deep Radius Evolution
 IRadius type are added for Deep Evolution series!
2011.04.13 New Products Epoch Deep Radius F
 Small dia. φ1~φ1.5 are added! Total 127 items

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